Since 2017, EdMedia cooperates closely with the Cyprus Interaction Lab of the Cyprus University of Technology and it current projects.

ENTER_EdTech: Entering the EdTech Entrepreneurship World [2020 – 2023]

This Knowledge Alliance project builds on the idea that education is an unpredictable industry. If one is launching a startup in the Educational Technology (EdTech) niche, s/he needs to be prepared for the specific challenges that will face while attempting to enter into this market. At the same time the EdTech industry has exploded on a massive extent; the competition is huge and to stand out one must be unique in multiple ways. The ENTER project is at the forefront of this challenge, by improving the quality of entrepreneurship education around EdTech, bringing together academic and industrial partners with entrepreneurial experience and with expertise in educational technologies and learning pedagogies, aiming to empower undergraduate & postgraduate students, faculty members, researchers, educators as well as university alumni to become EdTech entrepreneurs.

Edubots: Best practices of pedagogical chatbots
in higher education [2019-2021]

EDUBOTS [ERASMUS+ KA2 Knowledge Alliances;  1/11/2019-31/10/2021]  is coordinated by EdTech Foundry in Norway and RISE is a major member of the consortium which also includes distinguished organisations such as the Anna & Hubert Labs, the University of Leeds, the University of Zagreb, and the University of Granada. The project aims to document best practices for the use of chatbots in higher education. The project will map the current state of the art and will pilot pedagogical chatbots for education at the partner universities. The project aims to motivate the implementation of pedagogical chatbots for improving the quality of education in Europe.

Othello Tower  

The “Othello Tower” project is funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to the RISE Centre of Excellence and the Cyprus Institute aiming at the development of an educational game that addresses aspects of the history of the walled city of Famagusta. RISE’s EdMedia group leads the Game design task.